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My work experience at Grish Art

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

From Monday 28th March – Friday 1st April I will be working at Grish Art for my work experience. Even though my work experience covers two weeks I decided to go to two different companies to experience what it is like working in two very different working environments. Even though it is only the second day since I have been working with the company I feel like I have learnt and covered loads! Both Chris and Sarah were extremely welcoming and put my nerves at ease the moment i walked through the door, both very kind. I also loved the fact that I have my own business cards! Yesterday I started to design and come up with ideas for a logo with the Title ‘Target 4’. Target 4 is a series of board games in which the NHS want to use to help educate people about the chosen four aspects of ‘Healthy eating’, ‘cancer awareness’, ‘heart and lungs’ and finally ‘home safe’. Sarah and I compiled some ideas and finally came up with the ideas which we think would be best suited for the targeted audience. We haven’t finished this but i hope to do some more work on this in the next few days. Then in the afternoon Chris and I started designing a double sided leaflet to advertise the ‘ Probation Triathlon Charity Challenge’ taking place in the Isle of Wight, completing the final product this morning. I am really happy with the outcome! I am looking forward to the next few days, learning new things and working on different projects!

written by Holly Brogden